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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Actavis recalling 2,000 bottles generic seizure drug

Actavis has another drug recall to deal with, this one involving nearly 65,000 bottles of the generic version of the seizure drug Neurontin that it manufactures at a plant in India. The voluntary recall follows one in November of a drug that was key to its acquisition last year of Forest Pharmaceuticals.

Valeant says inhaled drug used on infants may be contaminated

Valeant Pharmaceuticals has started the new year with a product recall. This time the drugmaker is recalling an inhaled med that can be used to treat hospitalized infants, one which it says is suspected of having microbial contamination.

India's Zydus Cadila finds blood pressure med has embedded brown spots

The U.S. arm of India's Zydus Cadila has initiated its second recall in the U.S. in the last 7 months, this time because tablets of a drug for high blood pressure were found to have brown spots.

Some Aurobindo epilepsy capsules found empty, prompting recall

India's Aurobindo has recalled a lot of an epilepsy drug because some of the capsules contain no drug at all.

Doc coughs up $2M for using unapproved Avastin on his cancer patients

A U.S. oncologist who thought he was getting a great deal on drugs that were almost the same thing as Avastin has found they will cost him an extra $2 million and a federal misdemeanor conviction.

Valeant recalls 205,000 bottles of blood pressure med

Trying hard to fight off a hostile takeover by Canada's Valeant, Botox maker Allergan has sent out press releases every time it stumbles onto something that appears to besmirch its pursuer. New fodder is in this week's FDA Enforcement Report. Valeant is recalling a couple hundred thousand bottles and tubes of products.

Canada cuts Apotex a break on some banned drugs

More than three dozen drugs and APIs that were originally banned by health regulators in Canada will be allowed into the country because they are medically necessary.

Hospira recalls drug because of storage glitch during shipping

Not all drug recalls track back to quality issues during manufacturing. A glitch in the supply chain can also come into play, and that is what happened with a lot of vancomycin hydrochloride injection being recalled by Hospira.

Report: Indian government to take legal action over drug quality paper

The Indian government has begun legal action against think tank the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) over a paper on drug quality, The Times of India reports.

Apotex tries to 'set the record straight' after Health Canada quarantine request

The three-way spat between Health Canada, local media and Apotex is rumbling on. Late last week Health Canada won an equivocal thumbs-up from the media for its move to quarantine products from one of Apotex's Indian plants, only for the generic drugmaker to hit back with a press release to "set the record straight."