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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Mayne Pharma recalls 74,000+ bottles of eye drug

Generic drug producer Mylan has had some manufacturing issues of late that have resulted in recalls of cancer drugs made for Pfizer. Now it finds itself in the reverse situation. Mayne Pharma is recalling more than 74,000 bottles of a topical pain drug used in cataract surgeries that it manufactured but which is licensed to and sold by Mylan.

Baxter recalls saline, other products, contaminated by cardboard, cloth and skin

Baxter International had to recall two lots of saline solution earlier this month after customers discovered insects in some containers. Now the drugmaker is recalling more saline, as well as another replenishment product and an antibiotic, after customers complained of particulate matter that turned out to be cardboard, cloth and dried skin.

Teva retrieves amphetamines over impurity concerns

Teva Pharmaceutical has its hands full already with its $40.5 billion deal to buy Actavis, the generics business of what is now Allergan. But business goes on and that includes the occasional recall.

Pfizer recalls three lots of top seller Lyrica after production issues

Pfizer has had its hands full trying to protect its top-selling drug, pain and epilepsy med Lyrica, from generic competition in the U.K. Now it has a new distraction from the med, a recall in the U.S.

Perrigo, already recalling Zyrtec copy, now recalling knockoff of Mucinex for children

Over-the-counter specialist Perrigo said on Monday that it was recalling some of its children's grape-flavored Mucinex copies after learning that dosing cups may be mismarked, putting children at risk for being overdosed. It said for some children, taking too much of the med could lead to vomiting and other stomach problems.

Baxter recalls more of its saline solutions after a bug was found

More woes for the U.S. supply of saline solution as Baxter International announced another voluntary recall of its products. This time, two lots of intravenous solutions have been recalled due to the presence of particulate matter after a customer complained of an insect found in the product, the FDA said.

FDA issues import alert on Pan Pharma, ramping up its pressure on the India drugmaker

The FDA has followed up a warning letter it issued to Pan Pharmaceuticals with an import alert that effectively extends a ban on the drugmaker's products in the U.S.

Study: Shortfall of skilled inspectors in India hinders pharma industry

According to a new study, the pharmaceutical industry in India is facing regulatory hurdles in international markets--notably in the U.S.--because of a shortage of skilled drug inspectors.

Hospira manufacturing mess-up leads to PharMEDium recalls

Hospira recalled 661,000 bags of sodium chloride at the first of the year after a customer discovered a human hair in the additive port area of a bag. That recall has now bled into products of a Hospira client that used some of the solution to compound a bunch of drugs for its customers.

India intends to establish drug testing labs in effort to boost quality

India is planning to spend about INR17.5 billion ($270 million) to make sure every state has a drug testing laboratory as part of an effort to improve manufacturing quality.