Editor's Corner

  • FDA bans two more IPCA plants

    After issuing an import alert last year for an IPCA Laboratories API plant in India where employees had been falsifying drug testing results and deleting failed tests, the FDA began looking at its operations further upstream and has now banned products from two of IPCA's finished product facilities.

Tolmar adds warehouse to support new manufacturing facility

Privately held Tolmar, nearing completion on a manufacturing plant expansion, is now taking on some warehouse space to complement it.

Capsugel invests $25M to feed 'appetite' for vegetarian capsules

A growing number of patients want, or need, gelatin in the capsules they take that does not come from an animal source, include GMO products or contain other ingredients that might make them sick. Capsule technology specialist Capsugel is now expanding four sites to up its production of vegetarian capsules.

San Francisco requires drugmakers to fund disposal of unused meds

California's Alameda County has held fast against Big Pharma pushback to its drug take-back ordinance that requires drugmakers to fund a program for accepting and destroying unused meds. Now San Francisco has passed its own ordinance to require the same thing.

Indian state to train employees to think like FDA inspectors

Underwriters Laboratories will train 60 food-and-drug inspectors for India's Gujarat state government so that they begin to assess drug manufacturing plants in the same way that U.S. FDA inspectors do.

Deals for Actavis, Teva plants put G&W in the spotlight; CEO says its culture is its beacon

G&W Laboratories, a small generic drugmaker, recently broke onto the pharma scene publicly with two substantial deals in 10 months for plants and products. The first deal was last summer when it bought an Actavis plant, and this month it announced a deal to do the same with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.


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