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  • Industry faces new effort to make it pay for drug disposal

    The U.S. biopharma industry has been battling a drug take-back law in Alameda County, CA, for several years, concerned that if it is approved, other jurisdictions would start asking them to pay for drug disposal. That law was upheld by a federal court, and now San Francisco is looking to the industry to pay the full cost of its drug-disposal law.

GSK manufacturing will take hit in cost-cutting move

GlaxoSmithKline's manufacturing network will take a hit as the company cuts costs in the face of falling revenues. The U.K. drugmaker was shy on details but said in an earnings release Wednesday that it needed to "rescale" R&D and manufacturing, as well as other operations. It reported a 3% revenue decline for its third quarter.

Valeant recalls 205,000 bottles of blood pressure med

Trying hard to fight off a hostile takeover by Canada's Valeant, Botox maker Allergan has sent out press releases every time it stumbles onto something that appears to besmirch its pursuer. New fodder is in this week's FDA Enforcement Report. Valeant is recalling a couple hundred thousand bottles and tubes of products.

Repackager mistakenly puts some ibuprofen bottles into naproxen boxes

According to an FDA Medwatch alert, drug repackager Contract Packaging Resources is voluntarily recalling 11,640 boxes of Assured brand naproxen sodium tablets in the 220-mg dose because some of the cartons actually contain bottles of 200-mg ibuprofen softgels instead.

Canada cuts Apotex a break on some banned drugs

More than three dozen drugs and APIs that were originally banned by health regulators in Canada will be allowed into the country because they are medically necessary.

Lilly closing a Puerto Rico plant next year but investing in another

Puerto Rico, which has seen a number of plant closings recently, is facing another. Eli Lilly said it will close a facility in Guayama next year and put it up for sale.


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Pfizer execs can sigh with relief now that a federal court has backed the company's patents on kidney cancer drug Sutent. The med has become increasingly important to Pfizer as sales of off-patent drugs have faded, and so it was alarming to the U.S. drugmaker when generics maker Mylan challenged the patent in 2010 and filed to make its own copy.


The patent cliff may still be taking a toll on Bristol-Myers Squibb, but the company's Q3 sales haul was enough to impress analysts thanks to star performances from a few key new products.