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  • J&J recalls contraceptives for subpotency

    J&J's Janssen unit is recalling one lot of Ortho-Cept tablets because of the potential that the potency of the two active ingredients may not meet specifications, Health Canada reports.

Counterfeit Botox again found in the U.S.

More counterfeit Botox has made its way into the U.S. and, the FDA thinks, into physician offices. The agency is warning providers that they need to make sure they don't have any of it because it is believed to be unsafe.

Labeling foul-up involving acetaminophen leads RB to recall 135 lots of Mucinex

The back labels of some bottles of Mucinex cold medicines may not show they contain acetaminophen and other active ingredients, leading U.K.-based Reckitt Benckiser to recall of 135 lots of the popular product in the U.S.

Indicted compounder filled prescriptions with fake patient names Silver Surfer, Coco Puff

When the Justice Department issued its 131-count indictment against the now-defunct New England Compounding Center, it accused the compounding pharmacy of working on the scale of a drug manufacturer rather than a compounding pharmacy which is required to fill individual prescriptions. Among the evidence that may surface if the case goes to trial is that NECC ignored that requirement, filling prescriptions with names on them that included Big Baby Jesus, Silver Surfer, Filet O'Fish and Coco Puff.

Study finds essential antibiotics are often in short supply in U.S.

A new study of U.S. drug shortages has found that antibiotics, including those used to treat highly resistant infections, have often been in persistent short supply, putting patients' health at risk and leaving open the chance some would die before hospitals could get their hands on drugs.

Daiichi Sankyo turned over Ranbaxy's problems to Sun, now cashing in its stake

In a regulatory filing, Japan's Daiichi Sankyo said that its board has agreed to it selling some or all of its shares in Sun Pharmaceutical, which Reuters reports are now worth about $3.6 billion. No reason was given, the news service said, but its experience with Ranbaxy, which was recently acquired by Sun, has been nonstop issues.