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Latest Headlines

Manufacturers return some drugs to market but shortages persist

There has been progress on the drug shortages front in the last few weeks with a couple of drugmakers saying manufacturing improvements have allowed them to again meet demand for two critical drugs. But as  The New York Times  points out, even with new drug shortages popping up at half the numbers of a year ago, there are still dozens of drugs in short supply.

Genzyme manufacturing upgrades again paying off

Genzyme's manufacturing improvements continue to pay off, allowing it to return to the market with a full supply of its thyroid cancer treatment, Thyrogen.

Tamiflu oral and Thyrogen updates on short supply list

Among 8 drug shortages reported by the FDA on June 30 and July 1, 6 are injections, continuing at least part of the trend that most shortages involve generic injectables. Among the 8 are Thyrogen

Genzyme: Fill/finish causes Thyrogen shortage

Genzyme is advising U.S. doctors to prepare for a mid-April to mid-June shortage of Thyrogen. And the European Medicines Agency says Genzyme Europe BV has warned the thyroid cancer treatment will be

Genzyme ($GENZ) swats first consent decree pitch

Genzyme ($GENZ) last week beat an end-of-November deadline for one action item dictated by its manufacturing consent decree with the FDA announced last May. It has moved the fill/finish operations of

Thyrogen on track after fill/finish revalidation

Revalidation of fill/finish equipment caused the delay in Thyrogen shipping that we reported last week, not faulty equipment. The revalidation is standard within good manufacturing practices, says

At Genzyme, Thyrogen, Cerezyme production rises

Genzyme is again shipping Thyrogen following an equipment-related delay last week. Faulty fill/finish equipment had stifled production of the cancer treatment at the company's beleaguered Boston-area