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Latest Headlines

Sanofi's diabetes combo clears a clinical hurdle in a race with Novo Nordisk

Sanofi's combination of a Type 2 diabetes treatment and a long-acting insulin met its main goal in a Phase III trial, the company said, setting up an FDA application later this year.

Top 10 pharma companies in social media

Social media success in consumer marketing has advanced beyond counting fans and followers. Today it's all about shares, retweets and links that indicate real consumer engagement with brands....

Novo to sell shield for concealing the needle of its injection pens

Novo Nordisk relies on improvements in its drug delivering injection pens to maintain and gain the market share of its injectables. To that end, the company just received FDA approval for its FlexPro PenMate to conceal the needle of injection pens used to administer its Norditropin for children and adults with growth hormone deficiency. It will be made commercially available in the second half of the year.

Novo Nordisk looks past blockbuster Victoza with PhIII success for weekly GLP-1 med

Novo Nordisk is humming along with its fast-growing GLP-1 drug Victoza. But it's also eyeing a follow-up to that once-daily med, touting the first Phase III success for its once-weekly GLP-1 therapy semaglutide.

Novo heralds promising PhIII diabetes data for once-weekly semaglutide

Novo Nordisk is touting the first Phase III success for its once-weekly GLP-1 therapy semaglutide. The Danish pharma company says that two doses of the drug--a key part of the pipeline--slashed HbA1c levels by 1.5% and 1.6%.

AZ's Bydureon tops doc-payments list with $22B

When it comes to which brands spent the most on doctor payments, 2014 crowned a new king--and that's diabetes drug Bydureon.

Novo Nordisk backs out of a diabetes deal with Zosano

Novo Nordisk has terminated a collaboration deal with Zosano Pharma, walking away from an agreement that would have paired its late-stage diabetes drug with the latter company's microneedle patch technology.

Novo Nordisk pulls Tresiba in Germany on pricing dispute

Germany's tough price negotiators went too far for Novo Nordisk. The Danish drugmaker is pulling its new diabetes drug Tresiba off the market after authorities said they'd price the long-acting basal insulin on par with old human insulin injections.

Report: Novo, Sanofi and Merck dominate global diabetes market

The top 10 companies producing diabetes meds raked in about $62 billion in global sales in 2014, up 5.1% from the previous year, according to a report from data analytics firm GlobalData. Companies such as Novo Nordisk, Sanofi and Merck lead the pack, posting solid gains for their products as they compete for a piece of a rapidly growing market.

Study finds Novo's tablet for vaginal atrophy increases compliance compared to creams

A study found that tablets increase compliance among postmenopausal women suffering from vaginal atrophy when compared to cream. Almost 90% of patients who took the cream stopped using it after the first prescription, compared to 58% of patients who were on Novo Nordisk's Vagifem 10 milligram estradiol tablets.