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Latest Headlines

Novo Nordisk outstrips rivals with 8% growth, but lower profits target spooks investors

Novo Nordisk's bad news: It's lowering its long-term forecast for profits. Good news? Those forecasts are still at 10% annual growth, on average, which beats its Big Pharma rivals, no contest.

New data boosts Novo against Sanofi in insulin-market fight

Novo Nordisk has some new data in hand that could help a safety advantage make its way onto the label of new drug Tresiba--and win it points against heavyweight rival Sanofi. In a recent study, the med hit its primary endpoint, cutting the number of hypoglycemic events by 30% compared with the French drugmaker's Lantus. 

Novo's Tresiba scores data for a new edge in insulin fight against Sanofi

Novo Nordisk's new basal insulin Tresiba triggers fewer episodes of hypoglycemia, a much-feared side effect of diabetes treatment, compared with other meds. But when the FDA finally approved Tresiba last fall, it didn't put that safety edge on the drug's official label. Some new data could change that.

Novo Nordisk rolls out long-awaited Tresiba, aiming for blockbuster U.S. market share

Novo Nordisk finally launched its next-gen diabetes treatment Tresiba in the U.S., approved by the FDA last September. The Danish drugmaker has high hopes for sales, but the long-acting insulin faces new competitors that could get in the way of those ambitions.

With most sanctions lifted, Novo ahead of the pack in Iran

International pharma giants looking to make inroads into the Iranian market are going to find at least two drug companies standing in their way--Novo and Cipla--which have maintained a presence in the country while Western sanctions ate away at the rest of the economy.

Pfizer reportedly striking deal with Polysan for Russian production

AstraZeneca and Novo Nordisk both opened plants in Russia last year, assuring their spot in that emerging market where authorities are suggesting foreign drugmakers establish some kind of local production if they want to sell into the market. Now Big Pharma's biggest player, Pfizer, is reportedly looking to a Russian partner to get meds produced there.

Novo Nordisk reinforces its commitment to fight 'urban diabetes' for the New Year

Novo Nordisk wants to put Type 2 diabetes found in cities, or "urban diabetes," at the top of the healthcare industry and city leadership agendas. And it'll do its part by pushing forward with its own campaign.

Think different? Pharma turns to tech partnerships for beyond-the-pill moves

There's not going to be a beyond-the-pill revolution in 2016. Frankly, pharma doesn't yet have the technology to move beyond pushing products to delivering outcomes. But drugmakers are teaming up with major technology players in deals that marry Big Data record-sifting with cutting-edge patient-monitoring gadgetry, and that's the kind of infrastructure necessary for big moves beyond the pill.

Sanofi takes an FDA shortcut with its diabetes combo, racing with Novo

Sanofi is using its $245 million coupon for a quick FDA review to speed up the approval process for a combination of its top-selling insulin and a new diabetes drug, angling to beat rival Novo Nordisk to the market.

Novo Nordisk IT spinout teams with Kinapse to serve biopharma R&D shops

NNIT, the IT services business that spun out of Novo Nordisk, has teamed up with Kinapse to support life science R&D organizations. The plan is to pair NNIT's IT expertise with Kinapse's R&D know-how to deliver business process outsourcing services to the biopharma industry.