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Latest Headlines

Intarcia vs. Novo: Which has the most appealing diabetes PhIII program?

Now that Intarcia has come out ahead of Merck's Januvia in the latest study of its implanted extended-release option ITCA-650, some analysts are wondering how the next wrinkle in the big diabetes drug competition will play out.

Novo Nordisk buys diabetes startups founded by Lilly R&D veteran

Novo Nordisk has gone on a shopping spree in Indiana, picking up a pair of biotechs co-founded by Eli Lilly R&D veteran Richard DiMarchi. The startups, the oldest of which was founded in 2013, are both developing protein-based diabetes drugs based on research performed by DiMarchi.

On the heels of big production news, Novo Nordisk snaps up two diabetes drug developers

After announcing a $2 billion manufacturing investment Wednesday--and launching a late-stage trial of its oral semaglutide drug to boot--the Danish drugmaker now says it's buying two private biopharma research companies specializing in diabetes and related metabolic problems.

Novo Nordisk defers dream of expanding Victoza label after PhIII falls short

Novo Nordisk has hit a roadblock in its drive to expand the label for Victoza to cover use in Type 1 diabetics. The snag arose when Victoza failed to deliver hypoglycaemic benefit experienced by Type 2 diabetics in people with the other form of the disease in a Phase III trial.

Novo picks Clayton, NC, for its first U.S. API plant

Novo Nordisk has had filling, packaging and prefilled device manufacturing in Clayton, NC for years. Now the Danish drugmaker is betting its manufacturing future on the site. It will spend $1.2 billion on its first-ever U.S. API plant there and double the site's employment by adding 700 jobs.

UPDATED: Novo to spend $1.2B, hire 700 for its first major drug plant in U.S.

With a game-changing oral diabetes treatment moving through clinical trials, Novo Nordisk will spend about $1.2 billion on its first API plant in the U.S., a project that is expected to bring 700 jobs. As part of the 5-year project, it will also expand a plant in Denmark.

Novo pulls blockbuster diabetes med Victoza off the Type 1 track

Sorry, Victoza. Novo Nordisk has given up on the GLP-1 drug as a treatment for Type 1 diabetes, at least for now. A blockbuster in the Type 2 form of the disease, Victoza fell short in a new late-stage trial as an add-on to insulin therapy.

China swings from weak sales outlook to savior on reforms?

China's decision this week to spur innovation and approvals in drugs and medical devices has allowed for some long-term silver lining prospects for European drug makers after disappointing second quarter sales for most multinational firms there, Reuters reports.

Novo Nordisk looks at building its first U.S. insulin plant

Denmark's Novo Nordisk has filling, packaging and a device manufacturing in the U.S., but when it comes to its insulin API production, it has kept that close to home. But CEO Lars Rebien Sørensen says it looks like it might be time to open its first plant in the U.S.

Novo Nordisk ties the R&D knot with Genmab, and they're not focused on cancer

Novo Nordisk is jumping on Genmab's antibody development platform in search of two new drug programs--and this time the Danish biotech company will not be focused on another cancer pact.