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Latest Headlines

J&J picks up where Novo left off with an autoimmune licensing deal

Novo Nordisk, gradually exiting the world of autoimmune R&D, has found a home for one of its former projects, handing a development program over to Johnson & Johnson for an undisclosed sum.

Novo, Baxter spar over hemophilia patent amid ITC probe

Baxter said back in March that Novo Nordisk's recently launched hemophilia med infringed some of its patents, spurring an investigation from the U.S. International Trade Commission. But the Danish drugmaker doesn't see what all the fuss is about.

Novo's liraglutide works in diabetes and obesity. How about NASH?

The commercial potential of NASH, a common liver disease with no approved treatments, has seemingly launched a thousand R&D ships around the industry. And Novo Nordisk, emboldened by an investigator-sponsored study, might be sitting on an effective therapy for the pervasive ailment with liraglutide, a blockbuster already approved for diabetes and obesity.

Lucky 7 diabetes meds to join blockbuster club by 2020

Which diabetes med is likely to be on top in 2020? According to FirstWord Pharma, that would be--surprise!--Lantus, albeit as a $5 billion shadow of its former self. Januvia should keep its hold on second prize with almost $4 billion, while Novo Nordisk's NovoRapid and Lilly's Humalog remain in the top 5 with $3.6 billion and $3.04 billion in sales.

Lundbeck bags Novo exec Schultz to engineer a much-needed turnaround

Mystery solved: Novo Nordisk heir apparent Kåre Schultz didn't just up and leave the Danish drugmaker. He left for the top job at crosstown colleague Lundbeck, vacant since that CEO stepped down in disgrace in November.

Novo building $225M plant for hemophilia treatments

With longer-acting hemophilia drugs expanding the market of treatments for the rare blood disorder, drugmakers are trying to get out ahead with new production. Novo Nordisk today started construction of a $225-million plant in Denmark. That comes just about two weeks after Bayer HealthCare said it would pump $100 million into its hemophilia production facilities in the San Francisco Bay area.

Novo pumps up hemophilia drug production with $225M plant

Expecting demand for its hemophilia products to grow, diabetes drug specialist Novo Nordisk is kicking off construction of a $225 million plant at its extensive production site in Kalundborg.

Novo's rumored CEO heir suddenly out of a job

Novo Nordisk COO Kåre Schultz has long been considered the heir apparent to CEO Rebien Sørensen, whenever he retires. And so it came as a bit of a shock when the company unceremoniously disclosed his departure Thursday with a single line at the bottom of its quarterly financial release.

UPDATED: Novo's purported CEO-to-be is out the door amid executive reshuffle

Novo Nordisk blew out the first quarter, with sales increases all over the place, and a 73% leap in earnings. But the most surprising part of that press release is slotted in at the very end: "Kåre Schultz, president and COO, leaves Novo Nordisk.

Roche, Amgen, Novo top the ranks in biologics sales, with AbbVie, Sanofi close behind

The world's top sellers of the world's top biologic meds haven't changed much in the last few years. Ranked by 2014 sales, it's your usual suspects--Roche, Amgen, Novo Nordisk, AbbVie. But as PMLiVE notes in its annual ranking, times are a-changing.