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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Pfizer Q4 beats on Prevnar surge, but 2016 guidance disappoints

Pfizer posted fourth-quarter earnings that satisfied investors and analysts. But its guidance for 2016? Not so much.

Hospira pump biz nears chopping block as Pfizer mulls sale: Bloomberg

When Pfizer snatched up Hospira last year for $15 billion, the pharma giant said that it didn't have any plans to abandon Hospira's device business once the deal closes. But now Pfizer is having a change of heart, weighing an option to sell Hospira's pump and devices unit as Hospira struggles with its beleaguered business.

For its next pare-down move, Pfizer weighs sale of Hospira pump business: Bloomberg

Pfizer has been contemplating a large-scale breakup for a while, with analysts expecting the company to split off its established drugs business once it integrates assets from last year's $15 billion Hospira buy. Now, with its Hospira purchase under its belt, the company is thinking about selling off the pumps and devices business it picked up through the deal, potentially laying the foundation for a spinoff.

Hospira recalls magnesium sulfate injectable due to bad barcoding

Hospira has recalled one lot of magnesium sulfate in water for injection following a report of an incorrect barcode on the primary bag labeling, according to the FDA.

The biosimilars are coming. But how long will it be till they can make their mark?

With one biosim already on the U.S. market, and more poised for a 2016 liftoff, next year will give drugmakers and payers a taste of the biosim contest to come.

Remicade biosim may face an uphill battle with U.S. docs, analyst says

Remsima, a biosimilar of Johnson & Johnson's Remicade from Pfizer's Hospira and partner Celltrion, is tearing it up in Europe. But don't expect things to play out the same way in the U.S., a Bernstein analyst says.

Shortages, soaring generic injectable drug prices leave hospitals scrambling

Hospital pharmacy folk understand supply and demand and realize that when there is a shortage of the generic injectables drugs they routinely use, a big price hike is coming. What they don't get is why when another supplier jumps into the market, prices come down little, if any.

Saline producers face call for FTC probe into shortage, rising prices

In response to U.S. senators who have asked the FTC to look into whether saline producers have used the shortage to unfairly raise prices and push the sales of tubes and pumps, Baxter International and Hospira, two of the key U.S. suppliers of saline, say they have gone to extraordinary effort to deal with the solution shortage that has bedeviled the industry for two years.

Senators want FTC probe to see if saline makers have profited unfairly from shortage

A two-year shortage of saline solutions has had the attention of hospitals that have had to sometimes ration a product they once took for granted. But it has now caught the attention of some U.S. senators who are asking the FTC to look into whether saline producers have using it to unreasonably jack up prices.

Hospira manufacturing mess-up leads to PharMEDium recalls

Hospira recalled 661,000 bags of sodium chloride at the first of the year after a customer discovered a human hair in the additive port area of a bag. That recall has now bled into products of a Hospira client that used some of the solution to compound a bunch of drugs for its customers.