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Latest Headlines

Is Turing illegally thwarting generic copycats? New York antitrust squad wants to know

Turing Pharmaceuticals faces a new adversary: New York's attorney general. AG Eric Schneiderman's office has launched an antitrust investigation into Turing, the drugmaker whose 5000% price hike put the pharma industry's pricing policies under a microscope.

Indian government upping penalties for pharma manufacturing lapses

The Indian government may be upping the ante for drug makers who fail to follow new guidelines by doubling the penalties it imposes when manufacturing plants attract the ire of international regulators, according to a report in The  Hindustan Times.

HK-listed Luye shares gain as U.S. FDA NDA submission for LY03004 on track

Hong Kong-listed Luye Pharma's New Drug Application to the U.S. FDA for candidate LY03004 (risperidone), aimed at treating schizophrenia and bipolar disorders, is under way without the agency requesting further clinical trials,  Barron's  reported, sending shares higher on Friday.

Feds reject whistleblower's complaint about unsafe imaging devices

The feds rejected a whistleblower's complaints that the FDA erred when it approved imaging devices for breast and colon cancer screening.

FTC warns consumers against buying unapproved weight-loss devices

Alongside the FDA, the Federal Trade Commission oversees the marketing and promotion of medical devices. FTC Consumer Education Specialist Aditi Jhaveri took to the agency's blog to warn consumers against purchasing unregulated devices that promote "do-it-yourself" projects, such as weight loss.

The FDA is lukewarm on those hyper-valuable vouchers for fast drug reviews

Big Pharma has been willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for a shortcut to FDA approval, buying up priority review vouchers created to incentivize new drugs for neglected diseases. But the agency seems less than enthusiastic about honoring its end of the bargain, with one top official expressing concerns about how the voucher program might harm the FDA's core mission.

FDA slaps most serious label on MicroPort hip implant device recall

China's MicroPort earned the FDA's most serious designation over a recall of devices used in hip joint replacement surgery after reports surfaced that showed the products could be endangering patients' lives.

FDA orders postmarket studies from trio of duodenoscope makers as 'superbug' scare continues

The three manufacturers that market duodenoscopes in the U.S. have all been required by the FDA to submit postmarket surveillance plans to the agency within 30 days. This comes after all three received warning letters from the agency in August and an FDA committee panel took up the same issue in May.

FDA marketing police most likely to slap pharma for risk-info omissions

Want a surefire path to an Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP) warning letter? Leave side effects out of a drug promo, a new analysis says. As a team of Johnson & Johnson execs found, 60% of the FDA warning letters and untitled letters issued by OPDP between 2013 and 2015 cited pharma for omitting risk information in promotional materials. 

Want to get a warning letter from OPDP? Omit drug risks from your promos

Sometimes it seems that the FDA has a scattershot approach to policing pharma marketing, with warning letters few and far between--and some of them lobbed from left field. But there's one tried-and-true way to invite unwanted attention from the agency's marketing police: Leave side effects out of drug promos, according to an analysis presented at a recent conference.