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Latest Headlines

Sun's Caraco plants address FDA issues

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries told Bloomberg that it has addressed the "minor" observations listed in two Form 483s from the FDA following inspections at its Detroit-based Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories in January and May.

Hospira enters angry-investor phase of remediation

Hospira ($HSP) shareholders claim the company didn't disclose the extent of problems at its North Carolina plant. Yet CEO Michael Ball admitted in October 2011 that the remediation job was " bigger

Supreme Court hears patent-description fight

The U.S. Supreme Court has the chance to make it easier for generics makers to fight against certain patent protections--or to make sure branded drugmakers have to face certain challenges at all. The

FDA opts for 'effective remedy' with Triad

The FDA's seizure of $6 million in products from Triad Group, "to stop Triad from continuing to distribute products which may pose a risk to public health" as the agency says in an announcement,

Under- and overweight generics drive recalls

Weight problems are driving recalls of generic products. In recent Teva recalls, both metronidazole tablets and gabapentin capsules are underweight, while overweight tablets have saddled Caraco,

Caraco plant fixes delayed in Detroit

Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories is still working to fix manufacturing troubles at its Detroit facility and won't be able to resume manufacturing there by the end of fiscal 2011 as previously

Caraco's Detroit plant rehab timeline extended

Caraco says it's unlikely to resume manufacturing at its Detroit facility before April, as it had estimated earlier. Following a review with its GMP consultants on the remediation steps completed

Caraco mulls Sun's offer to go private

After two years of manufactuing issues, Caraco Pharmaceuticals may go private. The company has received a buyout offer from Sun Pharmaceuticals, which already owns 75 percent of Caraco, to acquire

Caraco tallies timing of consent decree fixes

Generics maker Caraco says that, even assuming a smooth remediation process, it will take "significant time" before its Detroit facility is back up to pre-consent-decree production levels. Under the

Caraco leads ops-margin minimizers

Caraco tops the list of pharma companies ranked by lowest operating margin, as identified by SmarTrend. Operating margin is a key factor in a company's ability to pay for its fixed costs and generate