Cipla moves forward with deal for plant in Algeria

India's Cipla has said in a filing with the Bombay Stock Exchange that it has completed a move forward with a joint venture in Algeria that will lead to the production of respiratory drugs there.

Sanofi looking for big efficiency gains at French plants

Sanofi's new CEO, Olivier Brandicourt, warned union workers in June that for the company to grow its French manufacturing operations, they needed to get more efficient, but he didn't say by how much. They need to improve a lot, it turns out.

Investor buys Italian CDMO with plans to roll up others

Seeing a big upside to contract manufacturing, the European arm of a New York private equity group has picked up controlling interest in an Italian CDMO, which it says it will use as its base to start buying up others.

Hospira manufacturing mess-up leads to PharMEDium recalls

Hospira recalled 661,000 bags of sodium chloride at the first of the year after a customer discovered a human hair in the additive port area of a bag. That recall has now bled into products of a Hospira client that used some of the solution to compound a bunch of drugs for its customers.

Sanofi Allegra plant in U.S. up for sale

Sanofi decided several years ago that it would shutter a plant in the Kansas City, MO, area after attempts to sell it turned up no deal. But with less than a year left before it is slated to close, the French drugmaker is giving the sales route another shot and has put the 690,000-square-foot facility back on the market.

AmerisourceBergen lays out $2.5B for sterile compounder PharMEDium

Drug sourcing and distribution behemoth AmerisourceBergen figures that the best way to source compounded drugs for its hospital clients is to manufacture them itself. To do that, company will shell out more than $2.5 billion to buy one of the largest sterile drug compounders in the U.S.

Hospira recalls more lidocaine with rust embedded in vials

Hospira recalled a single lot of the pain suppressor lidocaine last spring, saying particles of iron oxide had been spotted in some vials. The drugmaker has added another 100,200 vials to its recall for the same reason.

India intends to establish drug testing labs in effort to boost quality

India is planning to spend about INR17.5 billion ($270 million) to make sure every state has a drug testing laboratory as part of an effort to improve manufacturing quality.

Baxter recalls more saline, this time for potential mold contamination

The U.S. supply of saline is taking another hit as Baxter recalls yet more sodium chloride: nearly 140,000 bags more. This time the recall is because of the possibility that some of those bags have mold in them.

Pfizer adding jobs to Ireland plant that had been slated to close

Pfizer announced plans to sell a plant in India that was slated to be shuttered. But another Pfizer facility in Ireland that was once on the chopping block has not only been taken off the list of facilities no longer needed but is adding several dozen jobs.

Siegfried completes $302M deal for BASF API plants

Swiss contract manufacturer Siegfried Holding has fattened up its API manufacturing capabilities, having completed a deal to buy three production operations in Europe from BASF. The exchange, the German chemical giant says, allows it to narrow its focus on higher-margin pharma products.

EPA presents Pfizer with $194M bill to clean up former American Cyanamid site

The cleanup of the former American Cyanamid drug manufacturing site in Bridgewater, NJ, has been ongoing for decades. But the EPA this week presented Pfizer with a bill for its share of the cost of cleaning up the superfund site.

Will a desktop device that synthesizes lidocaine revolutionize pharma manufacturing?

Will a device the size of a thermos flask that has the ability to produce one of the most in-demand anesthetics on demand and in just about any location revolutionize mass-production methods in the pharmaceutical manufacturing business?

Abbott said to expand manufacturing, other operations in India

Abbott Laboratories wlll expand its manufacturing, as well as other operations, in India, though a dollar amount was not given by the pharmaceutical giant.

Hovione set to expand its NJ facility and add new spray dryer

Portuguese contract manufacturer Hovione is expanding its facility in New Jersey to meet increased commercial capacity demands from customers as well as increase its global development.

U.K. opens center to developing biologics manufacturing processes

The U.K.'s Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has completed and opened its £38 million ($57.5 million) facility devoted to the research and development of new process for manufacturing biologics.

Genovate Biotechnology of Taiwan building $55M insulin plant in China

Genovate Biotechnology of Taiwan has begun the first phase of the construction of a $55 million insulin-manufacturing facility in China. The company says it will eventually lead to a $1 billion investment that will help it win government contracts in the country.

Novartis issues voluntary recall of ADHD drug manufactured in Georgia

Novartis has issued a voluntary recall of more than 10,000 bottles of a drug used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that were manufactured at a plant in Georgia.

Report: GSK to grow manufacturing presence in France as it dumps an R&D facility

Despite news GlaxoSmithKline is dumping a satellite R&D facility in France and cutting 70 positions, the pharma giant says it will grow its manufacturing presence in the country.

Manufacturers' association says pharma contract manufacturing in India growing at 20%

The Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association says the country's pharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry is growing at 20%.