Merck injects another $12.4M in its newest vaccine plant

The $335 million Merck & Co. biologics plant in Ireland that went online last year is already getting another investment. Merck said last week that it would invest €11.5 million ($12.4 million) in the Carlow facility.

GSK recalls vaccine made at troubled plant in Canada

GlaxoSmithKline is recalling 1.7 million doses of its quadrivalent flu vaccine that were manufactured at a plant that ran into a series of manufacturing issues last year including an FDA warning letter. The company says there are questions about whether the vaccine is retaining its potency.

Daiichi Sankyo sold Ranbaxy's problems to Sun, now cashing in its stake

In a regulatory filing, Japan's Daiichi Sankyo said that its board has agreed to it selling some or all of its shares in Sun Pharmaceutical, which Reuters reports are now worth about $3.6 billion. No reason was given, the news service said, but its experience with Ranbaxy, which was recently acquired by Sun, has been nonstop issues.

Norwich Pharma spending $26M on new equipment

Contract manufacturer Norwich Pharma Services, which last year said it would be laying off about a fourth of its workforce, will now invest about $26 million in new equipment at its facility in Norwich, NY.

Sanofi Pasteur U.S. operation part of dengue vaccine buildup

Sanofi's highly anticipated dengue vaccine is being manufactured in a facility in France built specifically for the product. But expansion is also going on at Sanofi Pasteur's vaccine operation in Swiftwater, PA, in preparation for a launch of the vax which may happen later this year.

Catalent Kentucky expansion grows to $52M

CDMO Catalent started nearly two years ago on an expansion that it said would cost about $35 million and add about 80,000 square feet to its operation in Winchester, KY. But with additional investments in fluid bed capacity, the project ended up running to $52 million for an expansion of about 90,000 square feet, nearly double its original footprint.

Bayer to pump $100M into U.S. facility focused on hemophilia drugs

Bayer said it will boost its already big footprint in the Bay Area with a $100 million investment in its Berkeley, CA, facility that is focused on developing new treatments for hemophilia.

GSK plant in Ireland making headway on reducing carbon footprint

The GlaxoSmithKline plant in Dungarvan, Ireland, is making measurable headway in reducing its carbon footprint and appears to be on track to reach its goal of nipping two-thirds of its emissions over the next two years.

FDA stepping up efforts to replenish U.S. saline solution supplies

The FDA said it's stepping up its efforts to address the shortage of saline solution for humans and animals by increasing the importation of intravenous fluids from producers not previously approved by the regulatory agency.

Walgreens CEO hints at another supply chain deal

Walgreens Boots Alliance has been so pleased with its relationship with AmerisourceBergen that it might just look for another drug distributor with which to hook up. That was the suggestion made by Walgreens CEO Stefano Pessina this week.

Actavis asks court to let it stop manufacturing older Alzheimer's treatment

Actavis has made its case to a federal appeals court that it should be able to stop making the original version of its Alzheimer's treatment Namenda IR, which is going off patent, and replace it with its once-daily version Namenda XR.

Vectura will close plant in Germany within the year

U.K. respiratory drug specialist Vectura picked up a plant last year when it bought Germany's Activaero in a €130 million ($181 million) deal. But Vectura has decided it doesn't need it and will close the facility within a year in a cost-saving move.

Baxter again having to recall saline solution as shortage persists

Just weeks after recalling three lots of 0.9% sodium chloride injection amounting to nearly 600,000 units, Baxter has recalled 8 more lots, adding further to the national shortage of saline. Last time the problem was leaky bags. This time the drugmaker says there is a problem with the chance for particulate in the bags. The FDA also announced the recall in a MedWatch notice.

Novo opens $100M plant in Russia

A lot has changed in the Russian economy in the two years since Denmark's Novo Nordisk started work on its $100 million insulin plant there. But with the plant's opening Friday, Novo emphasized that it is taking the long view on a market that is much less promising than it was a few years ago.

Merck finds buyer for 2nd Puerto Rico plant slated to close

Merck put two of three plants in Puerto Rico on a hit list in 2013 as part of its efforts to cut costs and headcount. But after selling one last year to Sanofi's animal health unit Merial, it has found a buyer for the second, efforts that together will have saved about 400 jobs on the island.

Sanofi's vax plant in France preparing to produce 100M doses of dengue vaccine

Sanofi says it is "flipping the model" in its launch of the first approved vaccine to treat dengue. It will submit it for approval in dengue-stricken nations rather than first filing regulatory submissions in the U.S. and Europe.

Report: Supply chain efficiency can boost both top- and bottom-line results

Pharma puts so much emphasis on top line that drugmakers give scant consideration to what their supply chains are costing them. But a new report suggests that making a supply chain more efficient is not only going to save costs, but it will also help drive greater sales.

Cipla buying Brazilian distributor for beachhead there

India's Cipla has made yet another in a series of deals that expand its international reach for both production and distribution. This time, the low-cost specialist is buying a two-year-old distribution company in Brazil to get its products into that country.

Indonesia market expanding but local producers can't keep up

Some Western drugmakers have built plants in Indonesia to tap a market with a growing population and expanding national health coverage. But a new report suggests that the better entré for local production might be to buy a facility from a domestic producer.

Expired Pfizer contraceptives recalled after supply chain fumble

A Canadian drug distributor began recalling a small quantity of Pfizer birth control pills this week after it accidentally shipped out expired product. Pfizer credited the company with quick action, but it is the kind of issue that in the past has led to litigation against drugmakers over unwanted pregnancies.