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Eric Palmer is a business and technology journalist with more than three decades of prize-winning experience as a reporter and editor with daily, weekly, monthly and online publications. He was healthcare reporter for The Kansas City Star before becoming deputy business editor for the daily newspaper. He spent eight years as editor of The Kansas City Business Journal, which had a strong emphasis on the healthcare industry. On the personal side, he is an avid fly fisherman, cooks and collects wine, and likes to travel with his family. Eric is based in Kansas City and can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Eric Palmer

Lonza expands New Hampshire plant to make Alexion products

While U.S. drugmaker Alexion is building up its manufacturing operations in Europe, French CMO Lonza will do the same for Alexion in the U.S.

Sanofi to improve environmental impact of its manufacturing plants

Drugmakers have paid ever-increasing attention to the environmental impact their manufacturing operations have, looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint and to be improve energy efficiency. Toward that end, France's Sanofi said today that it has a three-year deal to have SUEZ environment improve the environmental and cost performance of its manufacturing sites globally.

GSK's ViiV turns to Chinese company for cheap supply of Tivicay API

The HIV-oriented joint venture of Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Japan's Shionogi is turning to a Chinese manufacturer for a cheap supply of dolutegravir, the active ingredient in its Tivicay. The deal is seen as a way to cut the cost in China and some other developing countries of the JV's newest HIV fighter.

Listen up, eardrop makers: FDA says get products approved or face prosecution

On Wednesday, the FDA announced a federal permanent injunction against a company that continued to sell suppositories after being repeatedly warned they needed to be evaluated and approved by the FDA. Separately, it warned makers of unapproved children's eardrops they may face prosecution if they don't stop selling them.

FDA warning letter lays out cross-contamination issues at Canada plant

In April, Health Canada closed an active pharmaceutical ingredient repackager in Toronto and had it recall hundreds of bulk APIs that the regulators said could have been cross-contaminated by penicillin. Now the FDA has weighed in with a warning letter for the company.

Biogen embarks on major manufacturing expansion

Biogen said this week that it intends to build a $1 billion biologics plant in Switzerland. But the drugmaker expects the new EU facility to be just the first in a major manufacturing expansion that could result in two more new facilities as well as building up capacity at its existing sites.

Join us July 8 for a Twitter chat on #sustainedrelease

Drugmakers have been turning more often to sustained-release formulations for a variety of reasons. They can improve patient compliance because they require fewer doses, and in some cases extend the...

Capsugel completes $25M spray-dried expansion

Capsugel says it has completed the second phase of a $25 million project in Bend, OR, where it has built a spray-dried dispersion facility, which it claims is the largest in North America.

Allergan, which tracks its roots to Iceland, closing plant there

Actavis, which recently became Allergan, started in Iceland. Now the drugmaker, which is known for its cost-control strategies, is taking the job ax to its roots there. It plans to shut down a manufacturing facility, cutting 300 jobs in the process.

Canada's Ropack buying Forest operations on Long Island

When Actavis, which is now Allergan, bought Forest Laboratories last year, it quickly set about whacking jobs. That included hundreds at operations on Long Island, NY. Now Canadian contract manufacturer Ropack says it will buy some of the discarded facilities to establish a U.S. beachhead.