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Eric Palmer is a business and technology journalist with more than three decades of prize-winning experience as a reporter and editor with daily, weekly, monthly and online publications. He was healthcare reporter for The Kansas City Star before becoming deputy business editor for the daily newspaper. He spent eight years as editor of The Kansas City Business Journal, which had a strong emphasis on the healthcare industry. On the personal side, he is an avid fly fisherman, cooks and collects wine, and likes to travel with his family. Eric is based in Kansas City and can be reached at

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Another Turkish man sentenced for smuggling fake cancer drugs into U.S.

With the sentencing of a second man from Turkey, federal authorities have essentially brought to a close a case stemming from the appearance in the U.S. of counterfeit and unapproved cancer drugs. The drugs were sold to wholesalers and physician practices throughout the U.S., in some cases making patients ill.

BASF invests $63M in PVP manufacturing operations

BASF intends to invest more than $63 million to build a polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) plant in Shanghai, China, as well as expanding capacity at plants in plants in Ludwigshafen, Germany, and Geismar, LA. 

FDA slaps down another Indian plant, adding to the industry's woes

The FDA has banned imports to the U.S. from another Indian drugmaker, adding to a substantial list of Indian companies whose drugs are now prohibited from being sold in the U.S.

Hospira recalls more saline after human hair found in a bag

A loose hair has contributed to the nationwide shortage of saline solution, as Hospira recalls another lot of the commonly used product.

Novo will soon open plant in Russia

The Russian ruble maybe in rubble, but the economic challenges will not deter Novo Nordisk, which is finishing up a plant in Russia. Five years in the planning and nearly three in construction, execs say it is needed to fulfill the drugmaker's long-term goals there.

Manufacturing key to getting more effective flu jabs to market faster

With the effectiveness of this year's influenza vaccines so low as to have made most of this year's vaccinations pointless, the industry is searching for avenues to abbreviate the 6-month development and manufacturing process to deal better with the kinds of virus mutations that came into play this year.

Belgian company investing in Indian API plant

Indian drugmaker Dr. Datsons Labs has told the Bombay Stock Exchange it expects a $17 million investment from a Belgium-based nutraceutical maker which wants access to one of its API facilities. According to VCCircle, the structure of the deal was not disclosed in the filing but Dr. Datsons said Eubage Laboratory intends to invest in its manufacturing operations and also outlicense 20 of its products to the Indian drugmaker.

FDA finds more counterfeit Cialis, warns consumers

Earlier this month the FDA stopped a shipment of what it believed to be Cialis manufactured in Australia that it said contained improper ingredients. Cialis maker Eli Lilly, however, said the product appeared to be counterfeit. It made no Cialis in Australia. Now the FDA is saying it has found Cialis fakes being shipped in the mail and is warning consumers to beware.

Gulf Pharmaceutical commits to sterile injectable plant in Ethiopia

When Gulf Pharmaceutical decided to invest about $10 million to build a pharma manufacturing plant in Ethiopia some years back, it seemed like a big risk, a company executive recently acknowledged. With a solid dose plant doing well, the United Arab Emirates-based company is ready to invest 5 times that in a sterile injectable drug manufacturing plant.

U.K. expands Wockhardt ban

In 2013, U.K. and European regulators banned most products from a Wockhardt plant in India that was found faking data, but the U.K. allowed it to continue shipping a few that were required for essential medicines. This week, the U.K. stiffened the action to include all active ingredients from Wockhardt's plant in Chikalthana, a facility the FDA has also banned from shipping to the U.S.