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Latest Headlines

India's IPA hires consulting firm to help it overcome bad publicity

Thinking it needs to change the spin on the story, an industry group in India has hired a Washington, D.C., consulting firm which is launching a campaign it hopes can do that.

FDA finds fault with Chinese API maker

On Tuesday, the FDA posted a warning letter sent last week to Chinese ingredientmaker Tianjin Zhongan Pharmaceutical listing problems with keeping equipment clean and running down problems.

Report: FDA to inspect more Sun plants in the next few weeks

When the FDA issued an import alert against Sun Pharma's plant in Gujarat in March, the drugmaker reassured investors the facility accounted for just 1% of U.S. sales. But with the allegations of failings at the plant becoming more and more damning, the FDA is reportedly following its now-familiar strategy of going after other facilities in the network.

FDA tags yet another Indian drugmaker, Canton Labs, with ban

The FDA sent a warning letter to Canton Laboratories in Vadodara, India, in February for a list of serious infractions, including falsifying data. The agency has taken the next step, issuing an import alert that bans products from the facility.

FDA jumps compounder for making unapproved domperidone

According to a warning letter sent Feb. 28 and posted this week on the FDA website, Total Pharmacy Services has been making domperidone, a drug some breastfeeding women take to boost lactation.

EMA makes inspection reports public

The European Medicines Agency is now making public its reports on companies that have failed plant inspections. The FDA has made warning letters and some Form 483 reports public for some years, but the EMA had not, according to  Pharmafile, which went through the nearly 7 dozen reports in the data base that date back to 2007.

Baxter initiates a 4-country recall after particulate is found in solutions

Baxter International, which has faced FDA criticism for operations at some of its plants, is recalling 5 lots of products after particulate was found in two different solutions.

FDA puts veterinary drugs from banned Wockhardt plants on a leash

India's Wockhardt, whose issues with the FDA and regulators in Europe just keep piling up, has been hit with two more import alerts. This time, the bans are for the veterinary drugs made at the same two plants the FDA banned from shipping human drugs.

FDA warns NJ lotion maker: Your water does not meet specs

The FDA has come down on a New Jersey over-the-counter maker of lotions, creams and other dermatology products, including sanitizing gel, for not testing the water used in its OTC products to see if it was sterile.

FDA finally lifts warning letter on AMRI fill/finish facility

When AMRI bought Hyaluron in June 2010, it enjoyed a brief, two-month honeymoon before the FDA slapped the acquired sterile syringe and vial filling plant with a warning letter. The hangover has lasted three years, but now the agency has finally issued a letter to close out the failings it found at the Burlington site.