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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Novartis recalls some Ritalin over packaging issue

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drugs like Ritalin have been on the FDA shortage list for a variety of reasons. Now add to that packaging problems which have led Novartis to recall nearly 22,000 bottles.

WHO offers road map for new vaccine introduction

To help countries achieve the maximum impact of new vaccines, the World Health Organization has released new guidance on how to introduce new vaccines in existing immunization programs.

GSK logistics program improves on-time delivery to 90%

Cutting supply chain costs has become a focus of the industry as drugmakers realized that buying supplies and getting them to plants takes more time, trouble and expense than they at first realized. Like others, U.K. drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline has taken steps to get a handle on that, LogisticsManager reports.

Lilly well-positioned with track-and-trace deadlines advancing

Track-and-trace is on its way. Eli Lilly, with its 10-year history of fighting counterfeits, is in a good position to make the switch, and now it's putting the wheels in motion to get the project underway.

Baxter, FDA scramble to overcome shortage of nitroglycerin

A shortage of saline solution has already been hampering hospitals. Now emergency rooms are finding it difficult to get nitroglycerin, a drug they often turn to first when heart attack patients arrive.  

Government H5N1 vaccine orders drive jump in sales at Sinovac

At the start of 2014 the Chinese vaccine sector was rocked by the failure of three leading suppliers to obtain good manufacturing practice certification. Sinovac Biotech escaped unscathed from the rule tightening and this week posted a 17% jump in fourth-quarter sales.

GSK adopts Formula One racing mentality to speed Breo inhaler production

Drug manufacturing and Formula One racing would seem to have little in common. But GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty drew a line between the two, and a partnership with McLaren Automotive is driving production advances at GSK drug plants.

Hikma hits the jackpot with doxycycline shortage

Middle East-based Hikma Pharmaceuticals' $1.365 billion in 2013 revenues is about what a Big Pharma company would report for sales of one drug. But it has become essential to the global supply chain, prospering by filling the gaps when bigger operators have plant problems and drug shortages arise.

Pharma cargo theft takes new spike

According to recently released stats from FreightWatch International, pharmaceutical cargo theft, which had dropped off significantly for several years, is now up again.

FDA says Indian drugmaker made up data for API tests

Last year, FDA inspectors said employees at the Canton Laboratories active pharmaceutical ingredient facility in Vadodara, India, were not getting equipment clean enough between batches to prevent cross contamination. The company's certificates of analysis had been showing that its APIs were within limits for microbial and metal content, but there was a problem with those tests: They never occurred.