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Latest Headlines

GSK says someone tampered with alli bottles

Drug tampering not only poses threats to consumers but is also disruptive and expensive for drugmakers. In the latest case, GlaxoSmithKline sent out an alert Wednesday warning that someone has been altering its over-the-counter weight-loss drug alli.

Ranbaxy recalls generic Lipitor after druggist finds 20-mg dose in 10-mg bottle

According to an FDA enforcement report, the Indian drugmaker is voluntarily recalling nearly 65,000 bottles of atorvastatin calcium in the U.S. after a pharmacist reported finding a 20-milligram tablet in a sealed bottle marked for 10-milligram pills.

Pfizer recalls bottles of antidepressant that might have a heart drug mixed in

Pfizer, which had to recall an injectable drug last month, is now recalling three lots of an antidepressant after a pharmacist discovered a capsule of one of Pfizer's heart pills in an Effexor XR bottle, a potentially deadly combo.

Track-and-trace is here... and now

The industry has been talking about, and slowly working toward, track-and-trace for many years. Now Pharma faces real deadlines that require action.

J&J, Amazon fight shows supply-chain weakness in online sales

Consumers who purchase over-the-counter products like Tylenol online sometimes receive items that are expired, defective, or even counterfeit. Now Johnson & Johnson and Amazon are in a fight over how much the online giant should be doing to keep that from happening.

Nosco hiring 51 staff for packaging and labeling plant

Nosco expects to make the hires as production ramps up at the new facility, which has already finished its first business order.

Another Fresenius plant gets warning letter

German drugmaker Fresenius received a scathing warning letter in July for a drug plant in India. Now, a blood-products plant in Puerto Rico has been sent a warning for a labeling issue which the agency said should have been resolved months, even years ago.

Pharma packaging growing market with openings for good ideas

A new report on the future growth in pharma packaging says a move toward use of more contract operations like Frazier's PCI will be a big driver for those companies that make the plastic bottles, parental containers, blister packs, labels and other products that go into packaging up the drugs needed worldwide.

UPDATED: Novartis OTC unit has another foul-up

Novartis has repeatedly had to deal with issues at its over-the-counter operation in Lincoln, NE, and once again has been bitten by problems there. This time, the company is recalling more than 4.4 million bottles of Maalox from the U.S. and Canada because of problems with packaging.

GSK adding 2-D barcodes to vaccine containers

GlaxoSmithKline is joining Sanofi in adding 2-D barcodes to the packaging for most of its vaccines sold in the U.S., allowing doctors' offices to scan crucial information into electronic medical records and potentially saving them significant time.