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Latest Headlines

Lonza expands New Hampshire plant to make Alexion products

While U.S. drugmaker Alexion is building up its manufacturing operations in Europe, French CMO Lonza will do the same for Alexion in the U.S.

Sanofi to improve environmental impact of its manufacturing plants

Drugmakers have paid ever-increasing attention to the environmental impact their manufacturing operations have, looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint and to be improve energy efficiency. Toward that end, France's Sanofi said today that it has a three-year deal to have SUEZ environment improve the environmental and cost performance of its manufacturing sites globally.

Biogen embarks on major manufacturing expansion

Biogen said this week that it intends to build a $1 billion biologics plant in Switzerland. But the drugmaker expects the new EU facility to be just the first in a major manufacturing expansion that could result in two more new facilities as well as building up capacity at its existing sites.

Capsugel completes $25M spray-dried expansion

Capsugel says it has completed the second phase of a $25 million project in Bend, OR, where it has built a spray-dried dispersion facility, which it claims is the largest in North America.

Allergan, which tracks its roots to Iceland, closing plant there

Actavis, which recently became Allergan, started in Iceland. Now the drugmaker, which is known for its cost-control strategies, is taking the job ax to its roots there. It plans to shut down a manufacturing facility, cutting 300 jobs in the process.

Canada's Ropack buying Forest operations on Long Island

When Actavis, which is now Allergan, bought Forest Laboratories last year, it quickly set about whacking jobs. That included hundreds at operations on Long Island, NY. Now Canadian contract manufacturer Ropack says it will buy some of the discarded facilities to establish a U.S. beachhead.

Some Indian drugmakers see M&A preferable to investing in plant upgrades

Consultants tell Reuters that large Indian companies are heeding the warnings from regulators and investing more in equipment and training. But some small to medium-sized companies are considering whether to pour money into their operations, retreat from high-profit but regulatory-heavy markets like the U.S. and Europe, or cash out.

GSK doubles down on Singapore continuous processing plant

Several years ago, GlaxoSmithKline committed $50 million to set up an antibiotics facility in Singapore to do continuous processing, a radically different manufacturing approach that has a much smaller footprint, and so much lower operating costs and less environmental impact, than traditional batch processing. The drugmaker now says it is ready to embark on a £38 million expansion there.

Novasep building ADC manufacturing plant at Le Mans site

Novasep gained FDA approval last year for an expansion of its highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients capabilities at its plant in Le Mans, France. Now the French contract manufacturer is planning to build a facility there capable of manufacturing antibody drug conjugates (ADCs).

UPDATED: Hospira finally up and running at its cost-cutting India plant

After dealing with two preapproval inspections and two dozen FDA observations, injectables specialist Hospira says it has gotten FDA approval and is ramping up production at its new plant in India.