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Latest Headlines

Roche, too, has big plans for improved HQ facilities

Swiss drugmaker Roche has plans for a big overhaul of its corporate headquarters. The drugmaker will spend about 3 billion Swiss francs ($3.2 billion) on a renovation that will add new labs and offices, and upgrade existing buildings on its Basel, Switzerland-based site.

Argos starts work on $57M plant in North Carolina

Argos Therapeutics, which has a personalized immunotherapy drug to treat renal cell carcinoma in trials, has kicked off work on a $57 million manufacturing facility in North Carolina. The biotech will get nearly $10 million in public support for the project.

BARDA calls on Novartis, GSK, Emergent to pitch in with Ebola drug

The U.S. government invested $440 million in three vaccine plants in the U.S. in 2012 with the proviso that if something like a pandemic occurred, it could call on them to produce drugs that it required. With Ebola spreading, those calls have now been made.

Lilly closing a Puerto Rico plant next year but investing in another

Puerto Rico, which has seen a number of plant closings recently, is facing another. Eli Lilly said it will close a facility in Guayama next year and put it up for sale.

Italy's Cosmo to build manufacturing plant in Ireland

U.S. drugmakers are not the only ones building plants in Ireland to take advantage of the lower taxes and incentives afforded there. Italian specialty drugmaker Cosmo says that is what it intends to do.

Abbott opens third nutrition plant this year

Abbott Laboratories, which has made a large bet on its global nutrition business, is in the final throw of a manufacturing triple play. The Chicago-area company this week opened a nutrition products plant in India after opening plants in the U.S. and China several months ago.

UPDATED: Novartis faces technical issues on $150M plant in Russia

Construction of a $150 million plant that Novartis is building near St. Petersburg in Russia has been halted because of "technical reasons," just short of completion.

GSK adds jobs at North Carolina plant, expecting new drugs to take off

While GlaxoSmithKline's new drugs Anoro and Breo have yet to take flight like the company had hoped, the drugmaker has been expanding the North Carolina plant where it makes them and other respiratory drugs, expecting that they will.

France's Ceva has completed a sterile facility for vet drugs

Vet drug company Ceva Santé Animale will begin shipping injectable drugs this week to China from a newly renovated and expanded plant at the company's headquarters in Libourne, France.

CSL announces $450M commitment to expand two of its plants

CSL Behring, a blood products specialist, said it will spend $450 million over the next few years to expand its production facilities in the U.S. and Australia.