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Latest Headlines

Novartis deals with GSK and Lilly switch up manufacturing landscape

The full manufacturing implications of the complex three-way business swaps and sales that Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline and Eli Lilly announced today will take some time to sort out.

GSK plans to unload site of closed Indian API plant

GlaxoSmithKline closed an aging active pharmaceutical plant in Thane, Maharashtra, India, a couple of years ago and let go of more than 300 people who worked there. Now, the British drugmaker would like to unload the property.

NeoStem adds cell therapy manufacturing capacity with CSC buyout

NeoStem, the New York-based developer and manufacturer of cell therapies, will pick up another California plant with its all-stock acquisition of California Stem Cell, which it announced this week.

Novartis' Alcon opens $160M plant in Singapore

With growing demand for eye drugs in Asia, Novartis' Alcon unit wants to have the capacity to sell into that market. To be able to do that, the company has opened a new plant in Singapore to make a variety of its eye drugs.

Plant that Patheon wanted to sell gets investment

A U.K. plant that the former Patheon was ready to bail on two years ago will now get a $300 million shot in the arm. It and client Pacira will partner on manufacturing suites to provide additional capacity to produce Pacira's analgesic, Exparel.

Novartis' government-backed vaccine plant should be operational by 2017

Novartis' vaccine manufacturing site in Holly Springs, NC, is one of three backed by U.S. authorities which they can draft into service in the event of a pandemic. And it should be the first of the three to go online, according to a new report.

Kyowa Hakko Kirin finishes $60M biologics API plant

Japanese drugmaker Kyowa Hakko Kirin, which develops its own drugs and is in a partnership with Fuji to make biosimilars, has completed construction on a new active pharmaceutical plant for biologics.

Neuland opens API plant as part of its partnership with Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi last year invested in India's Neuland Laboratories, which in turn was to build new plants that would produce active pharmaceutical ingredients for the Japanese company. The first of those plants is now online.

UPM putting plant it bought from Pfizer to more use

UPM Pharmaceuticals bought a former King Pharmaceuticals plant in Tennessee from Pfizer last year, with the idea that the large facility would allow it to take on commercial contracts. Now, it has that capacity.

Aurobindo gets control of 7 Actavis plants in Europe

Indian drugmaker Aurobindo has completed its $41 million acquisition of 7 Actavis active pharmaceutical ingredient facilities across Western Europe.