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Latest Headlines

Academics develop hidden image labels to thwart counterfeiters

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed an anti-counterfeiting technology based on clear plastic labels that reveal an image when someone breathes on them.

Feds extract guilty plea from Turkish man accused of smuggling counterfeit Avastin

One of two men from Turkey that federal authorities accused of smuggling counterfeit cancer drugs to the U.S. labeled as gifts or documents has admitted he is guilty.

UPDATED: Aesica plant in Italy responds as China's track and trace rules come into play

China has established new rules to protect its pharma supply from counterfeiting and allow for faster recalls, but the government shortened the timeframe for meeting them: forcing drumakers and contractors to scramble to catch up.

Counterfeit antibiotics feed drug resistance, superbugs

The World Health Organization says counterfeit and substandard antibiotics are getting into the global supply chain and creating resistance to treatments while fueling the emergence of so-called superbugs.

Germany first in Europe to test database for defeating counterfeits

Germany is implementing a system that allows the authenticity of drugs to be checked at the pharmacy level to protect against counterfeits.

Global sweep nabs 237 counterfeiting suspects

Authorities recovered drugs worth $31.4 million, arrested 237 people worldwide and were able to close down 10,603 websites over a 10-day crackdown.

New York men indicted for selling counterfeit and unapproved drugs in U.S.

The FDA more than a year ago warned cancer docs that it had discovered a counterfeit of Roche's Avastin being shipped from a supplier in New York. Now authorities have come down hard on the owners of the company, indicting them on 73 counts for selling more than $17 million worth of fake or unapproved drugs.

Counterfeits of Roche's Herceptin found in EU supply chain

European authorities are warning that vials of Roche's cancer med Herceptin that were stolen in Italy are now showing up across the continent with little or none of its active ingredient.

Lilly well-positioned with track-and-trace deadlines advancing

Track-and-trace is on its way. Eli Lilly, with its 10-year history of fighting counterfeits, is in a good position to make the switch, and now it's putting the wheels in motion to get the project underway.

Doc goes to jail for lying about foreign-sourced Botox

One tactic of U.S. authorities in fighting the onslaught of illegally imported and sometimes counterfeit drugs is to prosecute doctors who bought them knowing they came from outside the legitimate supply chain. A Missouri doctor whose practice, The Youthful Body, bought a foreign version of Allergan's Botox to get a deal is now going to jail for just that.