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Latest Headlines

Hospira earnings decline tied to ongoing remediation

Hospira beat the street today, but repeatedly explained away declines in sales and earnings as being tied to its manufacturing problems.

Hospira sees dim light at end of plant troubles

Executives see the light at the end of the tunnel where Hospira's ($HSP) manufacturing stumbles are concerned, but that light appears to be from a 60-watt bulb where a 100-watt is needed. Mike...

FDA: Novartis plant shows patterns of problems

Health Canada on Friday advised Canadians that they should return certain Excedrin Extra Strength and Tension Headache caplets, just as drug giant Novartis ($NVS) advised U.S. consumers to do last

Novartis recall hints at regulatory snowball

Uh-oh. Novartis ($NVS) is recalling some OTC drugs made at a Nebraska plant that was recently shut down for maintenance and upgrades. The voluntary recall is one thing. But the recall's timing, so

Hospira enters angry-investor phase of remediation

Hospira ($HSP) shareholders claim the company didn't disclose the extent of problems at its North Carolina plant. Yet CEO Michael Ball admitted in October 2011 that the remediation job was " bigger

Ben Venue lengthens remediation timeline

Ben Venue Labs is extending the timeline for remediation at an Ohio plant—and along with it the expected availability of some critical drugs currently in short supply. The company made the

Analysts ponder takeover of ailing Hospira

Bloomberg speculates generics-maker Hospira ($HSP), currently limping with GMP remediation efforts across multiple manufacturing sites, is becoming attractive as a takeover target to other generics

Analyst: Hospira manufacturing woes possibly systemic

Production problems continue to be a drag on Hospira ($HSP), despite last week's announcement of a planned $375 million investment in operations upgrades. The drugmaker's current troubles provide

Ranbaxy, FDA near $400M deal on longstanding violations

Pesky manufacturing violations appear to be all that's standing between Ranbaxy Labs and its U.S. launch this week of a generic version of Lipitor, Pfizer's ($PFE) blockbuster cholesterol drug. The

Hospira to spend $375M in manufacturing upgrades

New leadership and spending--as much as $375 million over the next three years--highlight Hospira's ($HSP) plans to get manufacturing operations up to GMP par. MedCity reports that a "hiring blitz"