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Latest Headlines

OSHA fines a Wisconsin API maker that no longer exists almost half a million

A federal regulator has come down hard on an active pharmaceutical ingredient maker in Wisconsin, citing it for nearly two dozen violations, 7 that it calls willful, and recommending a fine of nearly $500,000. But the company, Fontarome Chemical, of St. Francis, WI, no longer operates.

Amgen facility has its second explosion in 9 months

In November, Amgen received a California OSHA citation for an explosion at the biotech last May that injured a hazardous waste disposal employee. Wednesday another explosion was reported at the biotech, this one sending two workers to the hospital.

OSHA slams UCB over lack of worker protections

Worker exposure to methylene chloride, a potential cause of cancer, has landed UCB Manufacturing in hot water with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. And the drugmaker's Rochester,