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Latest Headlines

Merck recalls 276,000 bottles of cancer med that could pose risk to children

A packaging problem has led Merck to recall 276,000 bottles of a cancer med because the child-proof feature can fail, allowing children to get their hands on the chemo drug.

Australia's TGA registers Hospira's Inflectra

Australia's Therapeutic Good Administration has registered mAb biosimilar Inflectra (infliximab) from Hospira, the company said in a press release, noting it sets the stage for reimbursement under the country's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Union posts email exchange with Merck CEO over plant dangers from job cuts

Merck & Co.'s plant in Pennsylvania has been impacted by the drugmaker's drastic job cuts in the last 5 years, losing hundreds of manufacturing jobs. Now, in an email exchange made public by one of the unions there, a labor official has lashed out at CEO Ken Frazier, saying workers are now forced to work 16-hours shifts, the fatigue from which puts themselves and others in danger.  

Merck job-cutting tensions displayed in public emails from Frazier, union rep

Merck & Co.'s CEO Kenneth Frazier thought he was doing a good thing when he announced that employees would get an extra day off in appreciation for their hard work. But the fact that union employees are not getting the extra time at the Labor Day holiday has led one union official to publicly lash out at Merck and Frazier.

New diabetes device data puts Merck's Januvia on notice

Merck's Januvia has seen its fair share of competition from generics makers and other diabetes challengers. But now, it could face a new rival on the scene--and it's a device. 

Merck's Januvia powerhouse could feel the heat from device challenger

Merck & Co. has encountered a few roadblocks in recent years with its diabetes drug, Januvia as safety concerns took a bite out of sales. The company has worked hard to reverse this trend, and recently unveiled data on heart safety could do its part. But now Merck could be facing another threat, and not from a regulator or competing drugmaker--but a devicemaker.

Merck's Keytruda ready for quick FDA action on big melanoma expansion

Merck & Co.'s Keytruda has jumped on the FDA's priority review track for a new first-line use in melanoma. The PD-1 immunotherapy, already approved to treat relapsed melanoma and under FDA review in lung cancer, needs the broader melanoma approval to keep abreast of Bristol-Myers Squibb's rival drug Opdivo.

UPDATED: Merck manufacturing shedding another 2,600 jobs

The job cuts at Merck have been massive ever since its 2009 merger with Schering-Plough, 36,000 in 5 years. They have almost run their course, but manufacturing will make up most of what is left as it continues to shed manufacturing plants.

Merck debuts Fortegra in South America to combat coccidiosis in broilers

Merck Animal Health launched its Fortegra vaccine in South America to help combat a parasitic disease that strikes at the intestinal tract of broilers.  

Merck tallies 36,000 job cuts in 5 years of restructuring

The good news for Merck & Co.'s far-flung workforce: The job cuts hanging over your heads for the past five years are almost finished. The not-so-good news: Several thousand payroll reductions are yet to come.