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Latest Headlines

Science uses art tool to ID drug colors

Because your turquoise is likely someone else's teal, QA inspectors can have difficulty determining active pharmaceutical ingredients by color alone. But contract manufacturer Metrics has a fix.

Eight critical after phosgene leak at Wanbei Pharma

China has suffered another pharmaceutical manufacturing accident--its second in two months. Sixty-two workers were sickened Thursday afternoon at a Wanbei Pharmaceutical plant in Eastern China due to

China plant suffers two explosions

Chinese investigators report finding no contamination following two explosions at a Shandong Yanggu Zhongshi Pharmaceutical factory in Liaocheng City, about 600 miles northwest of Shanghai. Seven

Bill to boost chemical safety may burden manufacturers

Congress has introduced the Toxic Chemicals Safety Act of 2010 (H.R. 5820), an update of the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976. It calls for all chemicals to be reviewed for safety. Dangerous

Research suspended at Columbia lab over GMP violations

Drug manufacturing is a difficult business that requires great attention to detail. So there's bound to be trouble when non-manufacturing professionals do their own manufacturing--and that's what

Plant explosion, gas leak sicken 1,000 in China

A gas leak following an explosion at a pharma manufacturing plant in China has reportedly sickened 1,000 people. Sulfur dioxide is the suspected gas emanating from Apeloa Topso Pharmaceutical's plant

Plant fire kills two in India

A short circuit is suspected as the cause of a fire at a drug-making plant in Indian that has killed two. Eight others were injured; four of them critically. Chemicals stored on site likely fueled

Guidance formats risk/benefit measure

The FDA last week issued its first guidance for industry on Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS), which the regulator can require in cases where it wants to make sure that a drug's

Facility handles potent compounds and mAbs

Novasep has become the third contract manufacturer in less than two months to announce potent compound safety certification. The certification, granted by SafeBridge, applies to portions of its Le

Toxicologists critique chemical risk assessments

Majorities of toxicologists rate most government agencies as accurately portraying chemical risks, but they rate leading environmental activist groups as overstating risks and some industry groups as