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Latest Headlines

Manufacturing, pricing problems lead to K-V bankruptcy

Problems that began three years ago with K-V Pharmaceuticals hiding manufacturing lapses from the FDA have escalated into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing by the maker of Makena, a drug to prevent premature birth.

K-V Pharma travels bankruptcy route after suing FDA

Accusing regulators of failing to protect its birth drug, K-V Pharmaceutical has filed for bankruptcy with debts listed at $728.3 million and assets valued at $236.6 million, Reuters reported over the weekend.

Struggling K-V Pharma brings lawsuit against FDA

Short on alternatives to boost sales of its pre-term birth drug Makena and to stay afloat, K-V Pharmaceutical has mounted a lawsuit against the FDA for failing to stop pharmacies from preparing their own versions of the drug,  Reuters  reported.

FDA keeps door open to cheap versions of KV's Makena

The battle over KV Pharmaceuticals' pricey preterm-labor drug, Makena, with pharmacy compounders who can make it for next to nothing has hit a new phase.

Court says KV Pharma shareholders have every right to sue

Problems just never seem to end for KV Pharmaceutical ($KV.A), the St. Louis drugmaker that for several years now has been trying to regain its footing after the FDA smacked it with a consent decree over its self-made manufacturing debacle.

Columbia shares plunge after FDA staffers blast birth gel app

Regulators at the FDA issued a brutal review for Columbia Laboratories' ($CBRX) application for its progesterone vaginal gel to prevent preterm delivery, saying the developer didn't provide the data

Pfizer, KV listed in 2011's 'spectacular' exec departures

Things gone wrong at the top is the subject of a 10-company roundup of 2011's spectacular executive departures. The story ran in InPharm, but the list includes shenanigans from the banking, retail

KV reports doubt about viability under decree

KV Pharmaceuticals ($KV.A) has "substantial doubt" about its ability to "continue as a going concern," according to a financial statement filed last week. In the Form 10-Q, the troubled drugmaker

Compounder questions KV's Makena purity claim

Pharmacy services provider PharMerica Corp. is questioning claims made recently by KV Pharmaceutical ($KV.A) that the latter's FDA-approved premature-birth prevention drug Makena provides greater

KV crows over Makena purity as FDA checks claim

Tuesday was a good day for beleaguered KV Pharma ($KV.A), known recently for its he-said/she-said lawsuits with a former CEO and its exorbitant price setting of preterm-birth preventer Makena after