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Latest Headlines

Who's best at connecting with 'worried well' millennials? J&J, Sanofi and UCB

Millennials want to be happy and healthy, but they're just so stressed out. Contrary to the typical carefree image of youth, millennials ages 18 to 32 worry about health issues--like getting a serious illness or affording healthcare--as much as baby boomers do, according to a recent study by InVentiv Health companies GSW and Allidura, along with Harris Poll.

New standout Imbruvica data bode well for market expansion in CLL

Johnson & Johnson and AbbVie's Imbruvica has already shown in one Phase III study that it can extend progression-free survival in patients with previously treated chronic lymphocytic leukemia. But now, it's done it again--and convincingly so.

J&J builds promising case for multiple myeloma competitor daratumumab

It was Johnson & Johnson's turn to take center stage at ASCO Saturday morning, fleshing out the promising data that it accumulated in a Phase II study of daratumumab for treatment-resistant multiple myeloma.

WSJ: FBI probes J&J over morcellator safety risks

How much did Johnson & Johnson know about the risks of power morcellators--now suspended on safety concerns--before it pulled them from the market last year? That's the subject of a new investigation, headed up by the FBI's Newark, NJ, office,  The Wall Street Journal 's sources say.

J&J sets up innovation hub inside Karolinska Institutet

Johnson & Johnson has established an outpost within Karolinska Institutet. The arrangement sees J&J set an innovation hub at the Swedish medical university, from which it will keep tabs on academic research breakthroughs and support the advance of such ideas into life science startups.

WSJ: J&J faces FBI probe over power morcellator devices

Johnson & Johnson is facing more backlash over power morcellator devices used in minimally invasive gynecological procedures, as the FBI investigates how much the company knew about the products' risks before pulling them from the market last year.

FDA approves long-acting formulation of J&J schizophrenia med

The FDA gave the green light to Johnson & Johnson's Invega Trinza, which is injected four times a year, making it the longest-acting schizophrenia drug on the market.

J&J picks up where Novo left off with an autoimmune licensing deal

Novo Nordisk, gradually exiting the world of autoimmune R&D, has found a home for one of its former projects, handing a development program over to Johnson & Johnson for an undisclosed sum.

J&J promises new uses for old meds to keep pharma sales flying high

Johnson & Johnson is riding high on strong sales for standout meds, but some slowdown could be on the horizon as competition increases for its top-selling drugs. And J&J is not going down without a fight, planning to roll out new versions of old meds to keep its pharma numbers in tip-top shape.

J&J touts a blockbuster-rich pipeline with 10 filings on the horizon

Johnson & Johnson says it's on track to submit more than 10 new drugs for FDA approval over the next four years, and the company believes each of those contenders has the potential to bring in $1 billion in peak revenue.