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Latest Headlines

Sanofi pulls Campath to clear way for higher-priced Lemtrada

The speculation about Genzyme's Campath is over. The company, now a unit of Sanofi, is pulling the plug. Why? To prepare the way for Lemtrada, a multiple sclerosis treatment that is, essentially, Campath by another name.

FDA has four big drug decisions lined up

The next 5 or 6 weeks look big for potential approvals of new drugs.

Isis Pharmaceuticals' 'anti-sense' drug combats muscular dystrophy in mice

A potential new Isis Pharmaceuticals ($ISIS) "anti-sense" drug helped restore normal muscle function in mice suffering from a form of muscular dystrophy. Credit new research spearheaded by Genzyme and the University of Rochester Medical Center with achieving the breakthrough.

Teva accuses Genzyme of stealing Copaxone reps

Stop, thief! That's what Teva Pharmaceuticals is saying to Genzyme, in a dispute over sales reps. It seems a former Teva sales manager who defected to Genzyme is accused of poaching his former co-workers.

Sanofi sets out to reinvent itself in Genzyme's biotech image

Genzyme CEO David Meeker must be smiling today. Sanofi CEO Chris Viehbacher is taking a page out of the Roche reinvention playbook. Just as Roche has restructured its Big Pharma R&D efforts around Genentech, Sanofi's Viehbacher sees its research ops being transformed by Genzyme's biotech example.

UniQure's gene therapy first up for approval in West

It took four attempts, but UniQure's Glybera has been approved by the European Medicines Agency as the first gene therapy treatment in a Western nation.

UPDATED: Sanofi sharpens R&D budget ax as it prepares to cut up to 2,000 jobs

The ongoing downsizing of Sanofi is about to claim the jobs of up to 2,000 R&D, manufacturing and support staffers in France, according to a report from Le Figaro.

Economy blamed for jobs shortfall in Bay State's $1B biotech plan

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has incented biotech companies to move and grow in the state, but his $1 billion life sciences plan has failed to deliver on the ambitious jobs growth originally forecasted four years ago, The Boston Globe reports.

Pharma's Top 5 Golden Handshakes of the Last 5 Years

It's an all-too-familiar frustration for pharma shareholders. On the heels of declining revenues and mismanagement, a CEO departs, and then comes the golden handshake.

Sanofi presents parallel apps for blockbuster MS hopeful Lemtrada

Sanofi is on track to find out whether its $20 billion deal for Genzyme will pay off with a near-term drug approval. The pharma giant says that Genzyme has submitted applications for the MS drug Lemtrada in both the U.S. and Europe. Bayer is partnered on the program.