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Latest Headlines

Genzyme revives Fabrazyme with EMA plant OK

Genzyme flexed some market muscle Wednesday when it announced the European Medicines Agency's approval of a new U.S. facility for production of Fabrazyme. Perhaps most immediately affected by the...

Genzyme's new plant nabs approval from EMA

Sanofi ($SNY) is looking forward to ending long-running supply problems at Genzyme. The company said Genzyme's new manufacturing plant in Framingham, MA, won approval from European regulators to

Genzyme's new plant to boost Fabrazyme supply

Genzyme says that, barring validation and regulatory hiccups, it expects to begin providing Fabry disease sufferers with Fabrazyme produced at its new Framingham, MA, plant beginning the first

Hospira enters angry-investor phase of remediation

Hospira ($HSP) shareholders claim the company didn't disclose the extent of problems at its North Carolina plant. Yet CEO Michael Ball admitted in October 2011 that the remediation job was " bigger

Ben Venue lengthens remediation timeline

Ben Venue Labs is extending the timeline for remediation at an Ohio plant—and along with it the expected availability of some critical drugs currently in short supply. The company made the

Eli Lilly bulks up in Ireland

In anticipation of increased demand for biopharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly ($LLY) is planning a 22,000-square-meter bioprocessing plant at its Cork County site. The Dunderrow, Kinsale, location is

Analysts ponder takeover of ailing Hospira

Bloomberg speculates generics-maker Hospira ($HSP), currently limping with GMP remediation efforts across multiple manufacturing sites, is becoming attractive as a takeover target to other generics

Analyst: Hospira manufacturing woes possibly systemic

Production problems continue to be a drag on Hospira ($HSP), despite last week's announcement of a planned $375 million investment in operations upgrades. The drugmaker's current troubles provide

Sanofi plans hundreds more U.S. job cuts in sales, R&D

In yet another pharma-layoffs development, hundreds of U.S. Sanofi employees will lose their jobs over the next several months as the company absorbs Genzyme ($GENZ) and prepares for loss of

Sanofi set to rev past Pfizer in pharma rankings

After Lipitor falls off patent, Pfizer will fall out of first place in the pharma universe. Who'll take the crown then? Sanofi, thanks to its $20 billion merger with Genzyme. According to