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Latest Headlines

New Fabrazyme plant offered bright spot for dismal Sanofi earnings

The French drugmaker's decision to open a new Fabrazyme plant is responsible for one of the few bright spots on their Q3 earnings report.

Light ahead for Sanofi, CEO says, after not-so-bad Q3

Sanofi ($SNY) CEO Christopher Viebacher wants you to look past this quarter to better times ahead. "We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel," Viehbacher told the media, after announcing that third-quarter profits weren't as low as expected (as quoted by Reuters). Net income dropped 7.4% to €2.22 billion ($2.9 billion), when analysts had projected, on average, €1.97 billion ($2.55 billion).

Genzyme pays $22.5M upfront to bag Asian rights to Alnylam's hot ATTR program

Alnylam revealed that the rare-disease specialists at Genzyme--the biologics arm of pharma giant Sanofi--had stepped in to license Asian rights to its program for ATTR, putting down $22.5 million as an upfront along with an unspecified lineup of milestones.

Genzyme drug gets thumbs up from FDA panel

The tepid 9-6 vote from an FDA advisory panel left the new drug application looking relatively weak compared with a 13-2 vote for rival treatment lomitapide from Aegerion Pharmaceuticals.

Genzyme's mipomersen wins key FDA panel vote for rare cases of HoFH

Genzyme and its partners at Isis Pharmaceuticals ($ISIS) won a key endorsement today for mipomersen, an experimental therapy for homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. But the tepid 9-6 outcome left the new drug application looking relatively weak compared with the 13-2 vote that greeted the rival drug lomitapide from Aegerion Pharmaceuticals yesterday.

FDA frets over safety of Genzyme's rival drug for rare cholesterol disease

This morning the regulatory and research team at Aegerion Pharmaceuticals were hunkered down preparing for Wednesday's FDA panel review of their new drug for rare cases of homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, encouraged by an FDA review of lomitapide that focused considerable attention on the right kind of risk evaluation and mitigation strategy that could keep the risk/benefit profile in proper proportion.

Novartis, Sanofi unveil data backing their rival MS pills

Novartis is touting a new data analysis suggesting that early treatment with its multiple sclerosis drug Gilenya can ward off relapses--and even prevent the loss of brain volume that often plagues MS patients. It's just one of the studies Novartis hopes will support increased use of its MS pill, the first oral therapy for the disease when it was launched last year.

Biogen, Sanofi and Novartis stoke oral MS drug rivalry with clinical data

Three contenders in the oral multiple sclerosis drug race have spotlighted their rival therapies this week. Biogen Idec, which revealed analysis from two Phase III studies of its blockbuster hopeful BG-12, is providing the new data points as the biotech heavyweight seeks approval of the oral med in the U.S. and Europe.

Teva's 2nd-gen Copaxone makes the grade

No question about it, Copaxone is still Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' ($TEVA) leading drug. And Teva wants to keep sales up--and not just until generic competition arrives in 2015. That's why it's been investing so heavily in developing a new, less-frequent dosing schedule. If the new, higher-dose Copaxone version can grab a foothold, then Teva stands to keep more of the multibillion-dollar drug's share of the MS market.

Sanofi's Genzyme hits main target in PhIII study of rare disease drug

The Cambridge, MA-based unit of the French drug giant turned in upbeat data from the first Phase III study of the closely watched eliglustat tartrate, an oral drug for the rare genetic disorder that is typically treated with infusions of enzyme therapies.