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Latest Headlines

Japan continues to see generics as way to ease healthcare costs

The government of Japan is changing the lucrative brand-name healthcare market as its population ages and requires more drugs with a push to make at least 80% of the government's drug spending be for generics.

Japan's Eisai surprises with API move

Tokyo-based Eisai said it will start selling active pharmaceutical ingredients to domestic generic makers and will invest "tens of millions of dollars" to scale up production at its India plant in Andhra Pradesh. 

Pfizer recalls three lots of top seller Lyrica after production issues

Pfizer has had its hands full trying to protect its top-selling drug, pain and epilepsy med Lyrica, from generic competition in the U.K. Now it has a new distraction from the med, a recall in the U.S.

Shift in law helps local pharma groups in the Philippines

A law passed in 2008 that imposed price caps on brand-name drugs and imposed stiff fines on doctors who prescribed those drugs instead of cheaper generics has boosted the fortunes of domestic drugmakers in the Philippines.

China continues moves to shake up generics production

Officials in China are continuing their efforts to improve the country's overall drug production processes. On Thursday, they said they wanted to cut the amount of red tape involved in developing generics and also establish tougher standards on quality control.

Malaysia won't lose access to generics due to TPP, PwC says

A recent cost-benefit analysis conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers said Malaysians won't lose access to generic drugs because of the recently agreed Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Generic drugs face April 2016 price caps in Japan

If Japanese health officials follow through on current plans, beginning in April of next year makers of generic drugs that until now have enjoyed the government's strong backing will face their own price caps, reportedly a reduction of about 17% from current levels.

Israel's Teva and Takeda tie up for Japan generics business

Japan's Takeda Pharmaceutical and Israel's Teva Pharmaceutical Industries have decided to form a joint venture to take advantage of the Japanese government's generic push to cut government healthcare costs.

Price controls loom for generic drugs in India next year

India's generic drugs could face new price controls as early as next year, as the prime minister's office pushes for an investigation of what one official in press reports called "astronomical" markups by drugmakers, suppliers and retailers.

New India patent chief means Lee Pharma's saxagliptin CL app on hold for now

The appointment of a new Controller-General for Patents, Designs and Trademarks in India has delayed the compulsory license application by Lee Pharma, which wants to produce the diabetes drug saxagliptin developed and patented by London-based AstraZeneca, according to a report by The Hindu.