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Latest Headlines

FDA lets Fresenius import saline to help with shortage

The FDA has been scrambling for months to help relieve shortages of some common products used in U.S. hospitals, including saline solution and nitroglycerin. To do that it has been looking for some overseas suppliers that can kick in extra capacity, and it now says it has found one to get more saline into the U.S.

Fresenius to build new plant in Australia

Germany's Fresenius Kabi has a grant from a state government in Australia and plans to build a new manufacturing plant there.

UPDATED: Fresenius punished distributor for selling its drug for executions

German drugmaker Fresenius Kabi punished a U.S. wholesaler this year after it mistakenly sold its anesthetic propofol to the state of Missouri, which intended to use it for executions. Missouri has agreed to return the drug after the Louisiana-based firm pleaded to authorities.

Another Fresenius plant in FDA crosshairs

Just weeks after the FDA savaged a cancer drug plant in India for lying to investigators and hiding test results, it has received yet another warning letter, this time for problems at a Puerto Rico blood bag manufacturing facility.

FDA notes data falsification at Indian plant

An FDA warning letter to Indian drugmaker Posh Chemicals says that a quality-control chemist admitted during a March inspection that he "had recorded false visual examination data in the logbooks for reserve samples" at the order of a manager.

Fresenius carving out its piece of expanding Indonesian drug market

The generics division of the German healthcare company has bought controlling interest in Indonesian drugmaker PT Ethica Industri Farmasi from PT Soho Global Healthcare. The two will build a $60 million plant to make IV generic drugs and infusion solutions and make Fresenius Kabi the market leader in IV generics in Indonesia.

Fresenius Kabi expands manufacturing in Indonesia with JV

Germany's Fresenius Kabi has decided to expand into Southeast Asia with a plant in Indonesia to make intravenous drugs, buying controlling interest in Indonesian drugmaker PT Ethica Industri Farmasi from PT Soho Global Healthcare.

Fresenius inks deal for 51% stake in Indonesian drugmaker

Sources tell The Wall Street Journal that the deal could be worth $200 million.

India pulls another patent, this time for GSK's Tykerb

India's Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) has pulled the patent that GlaxoSmithKline had for its breast cancer drug Tykerb, a salt form of lapatinib, while upholding the patent on the original API.

Fresenius cans managers tied to data manipulation

Fresenius Kabi is taking seriously the FDA's allegations that staff at an Indian API plant lied to investigators and concealed data, and the generic drug unit of the German healthcare giant said it has fired the workers responsible.