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Latest Headlines

Hutchison China MediTech eyes first modern drug approval in China next year with Eli Lilly candidate

Hutchison China MediTech, based in Hong Kong, expects to file for its first drug approval next year for what it said would be the first modern drug developed in China since artemisinin was developed in the 1970s to treat malaria.

Major policy shift on costs and safety views as China moves to lift price controls on drugs

China Premier Li Keqiang said the government will lift price controls on pharmaceuticals, which would mark a dramatic change of tack in efforts to both widen access to medicines from the cities into the countryside while keeping spending in check.

Denovo Biopharma eyes China trial of licensed Eli Lilly neuroscience drug

Denovo Biopharma will conduct clinical trials in China for its exclusively licensed pomaglumetad methionil, a late-stage neuroscience drug licensed from Eli Lilly.

Hanmi licenses poziotinib to U.S-based Spectrum outside of China, South Korea

Hanmi Pharmaceutical has licensed its poziotinib for treating several types of cancer to U.S.-based Spectrum Pharmaceuticals.

Big Pharma bodies ask China FDA to review comparability in biosimilar approval guidelines

U.S.-based Biotechnology Industry Organization and the China-based R&D Pharmaceutical Association Committee want changes in China FDA's most recent biosimilar approval guidelines.

Siemens Healthcare accused of faking contracts in China

Medical device companies have been jittery about being accused of corruption in China ever since the infamous crackdown on GlaxoSmithKline in 2013, which resulted in a $490 million fine for bribery.

Chinese business newspaper alleges kickback scheme among distributors for Siemens products

If the records of distributors of health-care equipment in China were used as an indicator, Germany's Siemens made well in excess of $50 million more in sales in the country than the company's own records showed.

China moves to centralize drug purchases by hospitals to curb kickbacks to doctors

China's government issued new guidelines to centralize hospital procurements of all medicines by requiring them to obtain them only through provincial governments. 

China biotech makes a 'breakthrough' for HIV viral-entry therapy

China's TaiMed Biologics has won the FDA's breakthrough therapy designation for its HIV therapy, ibalizumab (TMB-355), making it apparently the first Chinese med to get onto the list.

GSK annual report says China bribery case spawned surge in compliance 'contacts'

It turns out the GlaxoSmithKline whistleblowers who blew the top off the China corruption scandal had hundreds of copycats later on.