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Latest Headlines

AmerisourceBergen again reports big leaps in revenue and earnings

Drug distributor AmerisourceBergen has again reported big quarterly increases in sales and profits as a relationship forged with Walgreens in 2013 continues to pay off big time. And without saying it directly, the company pointed to the phenomenal success of Gilead Sciences' hep C drugs, Sovaldi and Harvoni, as also playing a part in its earnings jump, saying its revenues were powered in part by sales of drugs for treating hepatitis C.

AmerisourceBergen moving into vet drug distribution with $2.5B deal for MWI

Drug distributor AmerisourceBergen, which has been doing deals to expand its scope geographically, has decided its next step will be to move into distributing veterinary drugs.

AmerisourceBergen deal with Walgreen reaps rewards, and costs

Drug wholesaler AmerisourceBergen's saw its pharmaceutical distribution sales jump nearly 40% as it continues to expand work for pharmacy giant Walgreens, but it still came up with a nearly $13 million loss in its last quarter.

AmerisourceBergen expands in Brazil with $100M deal

Drug wholesaler AmerisourceBergen continues its global expansion with an agreement to buy nearly a 20% stake in Brazilian distributor Profarma Distribuidora de Produtos Farmacêuticos (Profarma).

McKesson recalibrates its EU strategy after Celesio deal nosedives

McKesson, the largest U.S. wholesale distributor of drugs, decided it needed an EU strategy after competitor AmerisourceBergen made its own deal there last year. So it made an $8.3 billion bid for German wholesaler Celesio. But with its failure Monday to close the Celesio deal, the San Francisco-based company finds itself again figuring out how to establish a beachhead on the continent.

UPDATED: McKesson's new offer appeases hedge fund on Celesio buyout

U.S.-based McKesson would just like to finalize its $8 billion-plus deal for German drug wholesaler Celesio so that it could try to catch up to competitor AmerisourceBergen in Europe. But Paul Singer, practiced in the art of taking advantage of takeovers, is not about to let that happen without getting something extra for his hedge fund, Elliott Management.

McKesson may follow AmerisourceBergen into EU

McKesson, AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal Health handle about 95% of the drug distribution market in the U.S. Now it looks like at least two of them will face off in Europe. 

PCI expands packaging at Illinois facilities

Layoffs may be standard fare for much of pharma, but the newly created Packaging Coordinators Inc (PCI) says it has hired 160 folks in 18 months at facilities in Rockford, IL.

AmerisourceBergen sells contract packaging biz for $308M

Pharma contracting giant AmerisourceBergen is ditching its commercial packaging business, selling the unit to Frazier Healthcare for $308 million in cash.

Frazier grabs AndersonBrecon as it bulks up in packaging

Frazier Healthcare, the Seattle-based investment firm, sees opportunity in drug packaging. For the second time in 11 months, it has put together a deal to buy a pharmaceutical packaging operation, this time picking up the largest contract operator in the U.S.