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Deals for Actavis, Teva plants put G&W in the spotlight; CEO says its culture is its beacon

G&W Laboratories, a small generic drugmaker, recently broke onto the pharma scene publicly with two substantial deals in 10 months for plants and products. The first deal was last summer when it bought an Actavis plant, and this month it announced a deal to do the same with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

CPhI: Biocon will add 'multifold capacity' as it powers into biosimilars

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, founder and managing director of India's Biocon, has had an interesting 36-year journey from brew master to biosimilars maker. She says her vision has always been for Biocon to affect global health in a big way.

FDA's 'Most Wanted Fugitives': The agency wants your help finding these bad players

You have heard about the FBI Top 10 Most Wanted list, and of the America's Most Wanted television show, but are you familiar with the FDA's list of Most Wanted Fugitives? Yes, the drug oversight agency has bad players who have fled that it would like to bring to justice. And it would like your help to do that.

Track-and-trace is here ... and now

The industry has been talking about, and slowly working toward, track-and-trace for many years. Now Pharma faces real deadlines that require action.

Look for more Fierce effort in 2013

The holiday's are upon us and we realize many of our readers will be taking a break. We intend to join you. The next issue of FiercePharmaManufacturing will be Jan. 3, after the holidays.

Pilot shows national track and trace 'not insurmountable'

It looks like a national track and trace system is going to be implemented in the U.S. sooner rather than later. Differences between what industry believes it is capable of handling and what regulators believe it must kept it out of the FDA reauthorization bill, but no one should think that put it into the deep freeze.

An FDA warning letter often means a tipping point has been reached

Every week there is some news, recall or event that reminds us that the give and take with the FDA over manufacturing often means poor GMPs give companies major headaches and take a lot of time and money to resolve. The examples you will find in our 2012 FDA Red Flags Report are not all tipping point examples, but many are.

Download our eBook 'Supplying global clinical trials: Keys to avoiding costly delays'

Getting clinical trials right, and right the first time, is crucial for biopharma companies, especially as the cost of getting a drug to market is skyrocketing. Matthew Herper estimates in "The...

Here are some tips on cargo theft that might save you $75M

U.S. manufacturers have made a giant leap forward in protecting against cargo theft.

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